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DescriptionBERNARD TARTINVILLE SMART PHOTOGRAPHY FOR SMART CITIES More than half of the world's population lives in the city. In industrialized countries, this proportion reaches or exceeds 75%. For more than 25 years I have lived in urban agglomerations of over a million inhabitants, just as more than 30% of the inhabitants of the planet. The challenges posed by the growth of population are considerable. Reduce the carbon footprint of our cities, facilitate smooth mobility, promote access to culture and information technology, improve the habitat… The list is long. I belong to one of the first generations of parents that have to draw the attention of our children on these challenges. It was by answering their questions about my personal involvement in the search for solutions that I realized good intentions are not enough. Adults shall be accountable to future generations. The question “And you, what do you do dad?” is the foundation of my commitment. After over twenty years of experience in advertising and fashion photography, I wanted to make my work worthwhile. I wanted to contribute to the development of a city that holds a better future for our children. It took me six months to shape my project and adapt its technology to the requirements of the Smart City concept.
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Ultimate Immersive Photography

A virtual tour ?
Much more than that !
"Information and Communication Technology” (ICT) :

A Smart City is a city that uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to improve the quality of urban services.

My project fits exactly into this concept. This will be the media of the citizen of the city of tomorrow, working as a bridge to his environment.
Whether he is familiar with the city or he is starting to discover it, he will remain connected to information of his surroundings.

He will be able to orientate himself, find tramway station, its schedules and rates, the location of a car or bike parking lot...

Beyond the visual interest of my virtual tours, they create interactive content defined in collaboration with the promoters of the Smart City.

The flexibility and customization options that my productions enable, allow all relevant information to be successfully featured.
In a connected space, there is a need of an adaptable media.
A project at the forefront of technology :

My project is at the crossroads of information and communication technologies.

The developed process allows to display the most daring productions, in the most complex forms.

I create true immersive 360 ° x 180 ° views, featuring sights that may reach over 6 m of height, always respecting the perspective and without deformation.

It is an immersive vision. The observer is placed at the centre of a sphere inside which he navigates, moving smoothly and finding all the information he needs. He keeps an active role, moving forward at his whim.
These images, of striking realism, are close to human vision.
Each virtual tour is enriched with easily accessible information through a very intuitive interface.

This is why this technology opens up a wide range of possibilities, and have many applications. A virtual visit can, among other things, save travel, contributing to a more efficient use of resources.

The work I have done in the neighborhood of Confluence, Lyon has allowed me to validate the relevance of my method for companies already involved in the concept of the Smart City.
A Smart City worldwide promotion tool:

Cities committed to an intelligent and sustainable development model are still too few.

Those companies specialized in mobility, culture, communications, energy, urbanism or architecture are the privileged partners of municipalities and town planners on accompanying this evolution.
They need tools of communication that match the ambition of their projects.

By helping these companies promote themselves, my work enables the dissemination of the concept of Smart City around the world.
It is a persuasive tool when approaching cities that are still hesitant to join the Smart City Community.