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DescriptionPAL Robotics is a company focused on developing robotic platforms and applications. PAL Robotics has been more than a decade developing humanoid robots and other kinds of cutting-edge robotic platforms.
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Robotics platforms for H2020 projects

We offer our experience in the development of modular robotic solutions to address problems in ambient assisted living, healtcare, logistic, entertainment and research.
PAL Robotics is known for commercializing humanoid robots for research, but also mobile bases with autonomous navigation capabilities and manipulators for human-robot cooperative tasks.

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TIAGo: a robotic platform to help in research in Ambient Assisted Living or light industry

PAL Robotics has crafted a mobile manipulator robot named TIAGo to be used as a platform for research. TIAGo is ideal for research in Ambient Assisted Living or light industry. The robot is fully customizable and configurable in order to adapt to the specific investigation, instead of having to change the investigation to adapt to the robot features. PAL Robotics was concerned on developing a platform that is useful and versatile for researchers. TIAGo (its name answers to “Take It And Go”) combines navigation, perception and manipulation abilities to provide the best help. The robot’s software is fully ROS, open-source and easy to program.

Keywords: R+DRoboticsAAL
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