Eduard Puig MacLean

Business Development Manager
Ingeniería y Servicios de Eficiencia Energética

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DescriptionEnertika is a leading one-stop-shop Energy Service Company (ESCo) delivering differentiated services in Energy Efficiency, Distributed Power Generation, and Global Energy Management Services for Telecommunication Infrastructure (Mobile Network Operators, Tower Companies and Data Centers). Through a widespread network of experts in Europe and Latam, Enertika supports clients looking to enhance their competitiveness in the sector and to realize their commitment towards the environment. The financial arm of Enertika Group provides financing under the ESCo (up-front investment) and PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) schemes. ETK business is focused on 3 key products: - Energy Efficiency projects to reduce the OPEX, improve the margins and upgrade equipment of the clients - Distributed Power Generation projects to supply the power needs of the clients and reduce their grid-energy dependence - Global Energy Management Services, with ETK assuming complete energy management of the facilities, optimizing resources, improving procedures, monitoring and controlling the energy consumption of the client. These services are commonly a complementary service to EE and DPG projects. ETK promotes these products to investors via 3 main lines: - Investments (PPA or ESCo contracts) and Turnkey Installations (EPC) - Financial Structuring is available for clients that chose not to invest directly in the energy project. In such cases, ETK facilitates external investments (private or institutional investors) to structure a financial transaction. - ETK has a long standing track record on structuring ESCo, PPA , Lease, Debt & Equity transactions. Most customers don’t have budget allocation for Energy Efficiency (sustainability) projects Enertika can arrange for the financing under its Investment model Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Shared Savings Agreement (ESCo) or Leasing, the client receives: - Energy savings - Improvements in operating/ financial ratios - A new installation - Financing that matches needs - 100% ownership of the installations and - 100% of future energy savings, once the ROI is recovered
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. renewables
  2. storage
  3. business models
  4. efficiency
  5. management
  6. retrofitting
  7. ICT
  8. metering

Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for a technology partner able to provide artificial intelligence (big data/data analytics/machine learning) to be applied in energy efficiency.

Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation
Offer & Request

energy efficiency

Looking for partners to expand our energy efficiency services/technology portfolio.