Alba Puigdomènech

Technical coordinator on RDI
Generalitat de Catalunya

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday (2:00pm - 4:00pm)
DescriptionIs the Area for Scientific and Technological Sectorial Policies (APSCIT) depending hierarchically of the Economy and Knowledge Ministry. It is the coordination unit of Research, development and Innovation policies of the catalan government
Organization Type Public Organisation
Areas of Activities


  1. big data
  2. visualization
  3. data analysis
  4. systemic view
  5. standardization


  1. PPP
  2. funding
  3. sourcing
  4. efficient government
  5. economic development
  6. entrepreneurship
  7. involvement, partnerships collaboration
  8. procurement

Find a methodology to know the relationship between the application of the RDI regional plan actions

1.Finding the effects of the application of an rdi regional plan on the RDI regional system, through qualitative and or quantitative indicators. A set of indicators is generally proposed when we elaborate an RDI regional plan, to mesure if the planned rdi policies have positive effects to the system . We know that it is important to have this need in consideration from the begining of rdi plan elaboration. So, we need indications and tools to make evaluables plans.
2.Finding systematic tools for quantitative and or qualitative data exploitation of the RDI activities, projects, etc. financed by rdi regional plans. Special scope should be done on the problem that appears when the classification of thoses RDI activities could be matched simolultaneosly on different thematic topics and or different instruments of the plan. This problem appears mainly when the activities could be classified in more than one topic or instrument.