Andrea Massara

Co-founder and Design Lead

Bilateral Meetings

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DescriptionAdaptivecity is Barcelona-based startup designing and developing clear and fluid cross-channel experiences for smart citizens. We are launching Familyar, an app to prevent loneliness and social isolation of older adults by deeply involving families and health services into the caregiving process. Familyar uses technology to foster and scale social innovation moving from an individual model of care to a network model of care. Familyar helps families, town councils, healthcare and social services to keep older adults in their community longer decreasing demand on the system.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. Citizen services
  2. aging city
  3. social well-being


  1. apps

Familyar, a solution to prevent loneliness and social isolation of older people

Familyar is a solution to prevent loneliness and social isolation of older people, helping them to stay in control and engaged with their community. For most care programs, there is an inconsistent and limited communication among the stakeholders involved in a senior’s care. Our solution helps town councils, healthcare and social services to 1) serve more people and more efficiently, 2) keep people in their community longer, 3) decrease costs and demand on the system. Our mobile platform turns smartphones and tablets into senior-friendly devices simplifying the communication and deeply involving families and healthcare services into the caregiving process.

Keywords: active ageingsmart communitiesICT for health and ageingsocial inclusionsocial care

Platform integration

Adaptivecity has developed a cross-channel and scalable platform with video call, messaging and real-time events management capabilities. This platform can be integrated or "embedded" in external systems to expand the range of available features. We can provide the integration of our platform or a white-label version to public institutions or companies which need to add those features into their products in a short time.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation

Partnership for sale/distribution

We are searching for partners to distribute our solution outside Spain targeting mainly public institutions and healthcare companies.