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DescriptionSince 1995, we have been a pioneer in the development of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies in the private and public sector. This has been carried out with the most innovative initiatives and tools that have created a shared value for our clients and the society. We firmly believe that innovation and sustainability are the key elements to define new competitive and responsible business models that can adapt to new requirements. Our global team has the knowledge, expertise and capacity to provide you the answers to your global sustainability requirements. We point out what makes your business unique, while helping you to navigate in every marketplace worldwide. We are currently providing services to clients in the following countries (see the graphic) and we support our clients around the world from our offices in: We are currently servicing clients in 15 countries and are providing support around the world from our offices in · USA · Holland · Spain ·Mexico · Turkey. Sicasoft Low Carbon Cities is a technological solution for ecient energy and water consumption management and to reduce the climate footprint in private companies and Local administrations, helping citizens to make decisions about environmental health. Sicasoft B.I. is the Business Intelligence solution for the management and reporting of sustainability information. Sicasoft has been tested in multinational companies and supply chains and has become the essential tool of CEO’s, CSO's and CSR/Sustainability Managers worldwide. Sicasoft assists in managing the informational demands and sustainability variables that are required by stakeholders, investors and senior executives. SICASOFT has over 100 preconfigured KPIs as well as reporting models of 11 international diagrams, including GRI G4, DJSI and CDP. It also allows custom KPIs to be designed and adapted to your corporation and business model requirements. Significant cost savings in reporting are produced when using it, and moreover it provides greater value to real-time information.
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  1. Internet of things cloud
  2. data analysis


  1. Climate change
  2. efficiency


  1. liveable cities
  2. water & waste management
  3. city strategy
  4. sustainability

Sicasoft Low Carbon Cities, the smart management solutions for sustainable leader cities

Software solution for councils which help them and SMEs in their goals of reducing climate footprinting, as well as specific information for citizens about environmental health.

We are looking for partnership agreements with other manufacturers or integrators in order to get a more powerful solution

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