Juan Pablo Santa Maria

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  • Wednesday (10:00am - 12:00pm)
  • Wednesday (12:00pm - 2:00pm)
  • Wednesday (2:00pm - 4:00pm)
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Descriptionlivn is a smart and user friendly irrigation system, designed to integrate both climate and sensors information through proprietary algorithms, enabling it to decide when and how much water to use, saving up to 60% on water consumption. By enabling irrigation optimization through foolproof remote controlling and monitoring. Our most complete solution eliminates the need for any human interaction by providing a complete automatic optimized irrigation system, integrated by a central system controller and sensors through all monitored areas. Despite automation, fine-tuning and timer control is always available through our foolproof apps. Our system will allow for complete control and fine tuning of your home system remotely from anywhere in the world. Both remote programming and full smart mode will save you time and money.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. Services integration
  2. Internet of things cloud
  3. big data
  4. visualization
  5. data analysis


  1. green building
  2. water & waste management

Smart Irrigation- Strategic Investor

We are looking for investor with connections in the Areas of Water distribution, TelCom, Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales.

Cooperation Requested
  1. Investment/Financing

Smart Irrigation -Strategic Partners

We are looking for Strategic partners ( distribrutors, TelCom, Manufacturer)

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement
  3. Manufacturing agreement
  4. Sales / Distribution