Trevor Platt

Business Development Manager

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DescriptionNicander Ltd is a software systems (SME) provider specialising in the development and support of a range of IT solutions from simple desktop applications or apps for a mobile phone through to complex IT systems used in application critical environments. These systems include the integration of many different technologies such as databases, expert systems, graphical information systems, networking and SCATS. We have focused our business in the intelligent transport systems (ITS) market. Nicander and its staff have been involved in the design, development and support of systems to manage traffic for many years, including national systems in Sweden, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and urban systems in London, Sydney and Stockholm. Nicander currently support national traffic management systems in Sweden and England, as well as urban systems in Dublin.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. Services integration
  2. city platform
  3. Internet of things cloud
  4. apps
  5. geo information
  6. networks


  1. Intelligent transport systems
  2. public transportation
  3. service integration

Intelligent Transport Systems

AFMS (Asset & Fault Management System) – this virtualised application is built to operate in a private VMware cloud-based infrastructure to integrate the management of all ITS assets across an authority’s network, delivering smartphone and tablet connectivity to roadside engineers to securely manage all equipment faults, inspections and maintenance tasks and asset management across multiple contractors.

The AFMS provides a comprehensive central management and reporting function for both client and contractor organisations that are linked to Key Performance Indicators so that all activities are geared to common goals. Full regular and ad hoc reports can be delivered at the click of the mouse and a ‘dashboard’ provides a real-time operational management overview of the performance of assets and organisations. The system delivers map and tabular views of the data to ensure users, engineers and managers can quickly and effectively understand and resolve issues on their network.

The system brings many benefits, for instance: improvements in application response and accessibility; greater efficiencies and higher achievement of KPIs; more efficiently planned and scheduled maintenance activities; and, fast and effective generation of various reports for comprehensive analysis.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Technical co-operation