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Moovex saves you time, money and frustration by economizing your organization’s transportation logistics.

Moovex is an End to End, web based TMS (transportation management system).

It enables planning and monitoring of all the organization's transportation aspects thru a web interface and a mobile application.

By using Moovex, the organization can achieve a dramatic reduction of up to 30% of all transportation costs, additionally to a massive reduction in carbon footprint, traffic congestion, gasoline use, free parking spaces and time.

Moovex uses a unique algorithm that enables dynamic and optimized planning of the organization's transportation needs.  Moovex creates optimal routes on a live map and locate stations on demand to build the perfect routes for the passengers and for the drivers.

For each order, Moovex will locate the most suitable vehicle and supplier automatically, generate pricing and notify all the relevant entities on-line.

Using Moovex is simple and easy, and enables savings from day one !

all actions are carried out by a push of a button!

“A Smart and rapid platform, Offers SMB's, Enterprises and Municipalities  booking, planning and managing of  both private and business employees transportation needs”

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App & Software for Employees route optimization (companies,municipals)

Moovex app will offer you the shortest travel routes at the lowest cost, perfectly suited to your organization needs.

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