Wietse Van Ransbeeck

Founder & CEO

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DescriptionCitizenLab is a civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city. The platform facilitates a two-way communication between the city and its citizens. Citizens post ideas, discuss them with each other and upvote the best ideas. On the other hand, the city uses CitizenLab to consult the opinion of its citizens via polling or to ask their creative solutions to an existing problem. Our SaaS solution helps cities to tap into the collective intelligence of the citizens and make them more responsive to their citizens' needs.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. Citizen services
  2. participation
  3. social innovation
  4. liveable city
  5. empowerment
  6. engagement
  7. collaboration
  8. social well-being


  1. funding
  2. sourcing
  3. involvement, partnerships collaboration


  1. Urban growth
  2. liveable cities
  3. city strategy
  4. sustainability

Call for pilot projects: online civic engagement platform

Our citizensourcing software helps cities to tap into the collective wisdom of their citizens and to become more responsive to their citizens' needs.

Offer: Make use of our software in your smart city project or to enhance your civic engagement. We're running pilot projects with a limited number of cities; if your city could be interested in getting closer to its citizens, let's talk!

Keywords: civic engagementcitizen participationcrowdsourcingcitizensourcingsmart citizenscitizen analyticssoftwareSaaSpilot projectcitizensco-creation
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