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DescriptionADASA, with main facilities in Barcelona, combines 25 years of experience in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of high quality solutions for the automatic monitoring of water quality.
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  1. sensors
  2. geo information
  3. networks
  4. data analysis



    1. Climate change
    2. efficiency
    3. metering


    1. water & waste management
    2. regeneration
    3. sustainability
    Offer & Request

    Online water quality analyzers Distribution contract

    Due to our internationalization program we are searching for partners for the distribution of our products in different countries. We think that our products may be an added value complement to your existing product range offer. In case you are interested on this distribution, please do not hesitate to contact us to talk about a distribution agreement. We will make a proposal.

    You can find more information about our products on the following links

    How to detect and prevent poor performance of a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)? BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand online analyzer with equivalent results to 5 days in laboratory (BOD5) in only 90 minutes. Unique on the market.

    Surface waters where people swim or even potable water for consumption makes critical to control the presence o bacteria Escherichia-coli . Reuse of water.
    Escherichia-coli and total coliforms online analyzer

    Aquaculture, an emerging market: High Ammonium concentration will kill the fishes. Ammonium online analyzer in salty water.

    ”If I had such an equipment on a Wastewater treatment plant, I would saved the cost of regenerating the biological reactor”. Multiparameter and Organic Matter online analyzer
    How to save reagents costs on my WWTP doing a efficient dosage of reagents depending on the influent caracteristics.

    When a parameter gets out of preset range, an alarm makes a water sample to be taken. Automated sampling system,

    How to evaluate the water quality on different layers on a lake or dammed water, whether to be used for potable use, or for irrigation, etc.
    Vertical water quality profiler. Even possible to install on a floating platform.

    How to save 20% energy on a WWTP. Optimedar solution

    What about deploying such a monitoring network on your area?

    Keywords: TOCCODBODMonitoringOn-line analyzersWater QualityWWTPWaste WaterWatershedRiver BaisinAlert SystemStorm Tanks
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