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VP Sales

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DescriptionGenCell Presents the Next-Gen Urban Generators!
GenCell’s fuel cell generators provide long duration backup power to critical points in the urban ecosystem. They provide an efficient solution in locations where a diesel generator cannot be installed.

GenCell’s next-gen generators are the latest invention in a long line of power backup generators, only extremely reliable and perfectly suited for urban surroundings. GenCell’s products are extremely reliable and clean, with no CO2, noise or vibrations and almost no moving parts. Based on proven alkaline fuel cell (AFC) technology, their sophisticated yet uncomplicated design promises low maintenance and allows controlling and monitoring from afar.

The GenCell G5 next-gen generators are suitable for a variety of sectors in urban surroundings, such as:

·         Infrastructures – electricity, water, rail control and emergency lighting

·         Retail – pharmacies, banks and retail stores

·         Telecommunications – cellular, radio and other rooftop applications

GenCell will be presenting its solutions with Cikam, a leading integrator and its representative in Benelux.

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    The GenCell G5

    Next-gen fuel cell generators