Charel Feiereisen

Manager Business Development
ebee smart technologies GmbH

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday (10:00am - 12:00pm)
  • Wednesday (2:00pm - 4:00pm)
  • Thursday (10:00am - 12:00pm)
DescriptionEbee, situated on the EUREF Campus in Berlin, was founded in 2011 by 3 experts from the field of automotive electronics both on the management level (multi billion revenue responsibility) as well as the technical level. The declared goal of Ebee is to develop and sell very cost efficient charging infrastructure for public spaces that are conforming to all relevant norms. The compact charging spot is designed to be easily attached on street lights, house walls and similar street furniture, which already exist and already have usable power infrastructure. The infrastructure for electric cars can be cost effectively improved, without setting up dedicated charging stations. If the idea of a dense charging infrastructure becomes reality, the driver does not have to search long to find a place for charging. The core of the development work of Ebee is the electronic charge controller inside the charge spot. This is the first charge controller on the market that integrates online connectivity, vehicle communication, meter reading and customer interaction in one small box. Besides charging, Ebee technology follows and provides current and future smart-city-functionalities. Furthermore, Ebee joins partnerships.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. Citizen services
  2. liveable city



    1. renewables
    2. grid architecture
    3. business models
    4. efficiency
    5. management
    6. electricity
    7. metering


    1. sharing services & infrastructures
    2. electric vehicle
    3. parking
    4. car fleets


    1. liveable cities
    2. city strategy

    Hardware for charging infrastructure

    Easy, flexible and cost-efficient, Ebee Technology provides the possibility to introduce a large charging infrastructure.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Technical co-operation
    2. License agreement
    3. Sales / Distribution