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FSM specializes in public bike sharing projects. The Company provides professional support for setting up, operating and maintaining complex bike sharing logistic systems.

FSM focuses mainly on municipal and institutional projects. Our complete service is comprised of planning, implementing and maintaining a sophisticated setup of varied amounts of bicycles, tailor-made for city-use and simple to control and maintain.

FSM's solution can be tailored for hundreds of stations implemented on a municipal scale or modified for much smaller sites such as universities, colleges, hospitals etc. The project is executed with constant collaboration with the initiating authority.

FSM collaborates with local partners in the relevant markets and even handles the training of the project's personnel. Being responsible for all aspects of the project allows us to be very competitive in regards to the cost of bikes, stations, maintenance and training.

"Tel-O-Fun" service, executed by FSM, has changed the face of Tel-Aviv – Yafo. It has become a city in which you simply want to pedal.

Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. Citizen services


  1. Intelligent transport systems
  2. mobility on demand
  3. sharing services & infrastructures
  4. urban cycling
  5. service integration
  6. community
Offer & Request

Introduce green transportation and to promote this agenda worldwide.

As a dynamic and up-to-date company, FSM strives to introduce green transportation in every city in Israel, and to promote this agenda worldwide. We intend to achieve this in cooperation with the next generation of designers of green urban transportation and with city mayors.
At FSM, we are committed to working and living in a healthy environment, for our benefit and for the future of mankind.
Target businesses - municipalities, integrators, distributors, etc.
We are currently driven by three main goals:
1. Increasing our activity share in logistic, technology oriented projects in local authorities and public institutions.
2. Conceptual and technological developing of the next generation of public bike systems, with the intention of becoming a worldwide leader in the field.
3. Further expanding the layout of bike systems to other cities in Israel and the world, hence becoming a leader in this developing field.

Keywords: Mobilitybike sharing systembicycles
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  2. License agreement
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