Joel Bruneau

Head of Property Development
Omnicane Ltd

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DescriptionSmart City Developer, MAURITIUS

Mon Tresor seeks to provide the equilibrium of working, living and leisure within a unique and healthy environment. The proximity to the airport is a catalyst to the creation of a vibrant, sustainable, intelligent city with a robust business commercial and retail nucleus destined to both residents and internationals visitors. Mon Tresor offers a lush and green environment as well as pristine beaches at arm’s reach which suits the live, work and play lifestyle, whilst the world is just a doorstep away.  Mon Tresor is under process of obtaining its BREEAM/Communities preliminary certification.

Mon Tresor is a symbiosis of onshore and offshore investments. The response from prospective buyers and tenants is very positive with regards to the proposed business clusters and residential offerings, helped by the Government schemes to open the acquisition of property to foreigners.  



Organization Type Company
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  1. social innovation
  2. equity
  3. liveable city
  4. education
  5. entrepreneurship
  6. regeneration
  7. collaboration
  8. apps for society
  9. social well-being


  1. Services integration
  2. sensors
  3. apps
  4. networks
  5. security
  6. public safety


  1. renewables
  2. business models
  3. management
  4. ICT
  5. electricity
  6. metering


  1. Intelligent transport systems
  2. pedestrians
  3. urban cycling
  4. public transportation
  5. service integration
  6. electric vehicle
  7. alternatives energy sources
  8. parking


  1. green building
  2. liveable cities
  3. architecture
  4. water & waste management
  5. urban redevelopment
  6. city strategy
  7. regeneration
  8. sustainability

City/Community Management

Looking for expertise in the management of smart cities

Keywords: Smart City Management
Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. Investment/Financing

MAURITIUS Smart City. Live, Work, Play environment. Tax effective, gateway to Africa

Smart City Developer in MAURITIUS.

Mon Tresor is a future Smart City in MAURITIUS offering "Live, Work, Play" alternatives for its residents in a sustainably developed environment.

Mon Tresor is in process of receiving a BREEAM/Communities interim certificate from BRE.

We will be seeking to meet parties wishing to offer Technical Assistance, real Estate brokerage in both residential and industrial offerings.

MAURITIUS offers a low tax environment and is the ideal stepping stone to the African continent with which we have Non Double tax treaties as well as Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements. It is a country of choice to setup a base for a European's African expansion at a reduced risk.

Mauritius is well connected to African, European, Middle East and Asian airline hubs.

web site at : http://www.montresor.mu/

Keywords: #mauritiussmartcity#lowtax#freeport#liveworkplay#BREAAM#sustainabledevelopment#connected#riskfree
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution
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Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. Sales / Distribution
  3. Investment/Financing